FAQ - Flexxline Product

What conditions do Flexxline products address?

Flexxline products are designed to treat a variety of conditions and provide support through all of your activities and athletics.  While each of us is unique, many of us share common needs, weaknesses, injuries, and overuse syndromes of the arms and legs. You will find what you are needing with Flexxline. For the most common conditions treated with each of our supports, look on each individual product’s page. There you will be able to decide which support is best for you. Remember, if you need any help whatsoever, please email us at info@flexxline.com.

Can Flexxline's items be worn during sleep?

Yes, absolutely. Flexxline products are designed and constructed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Our materials make these supports incredibly comfortable even while sleeping.It is very important to note, if you have chosen a smaller size to maximize the compression effect, you may notice that the arm or leg below the support could swell if worn tightly for extended periods of time. The swelling should resolve once the support is removed, please consult your physician for medical advice.

Can Flexxline’s items be worn while swimming?

Yes! Absolutely.

Can I make a Product Suggestion?

Yes! We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us with any suggestions you have.