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Better support for athletes.

Where it all started.

It all started about 3 years ago! Dr. Cox had performed the same type of elbow surgery he had done many times. The surgery went great, and the recovery was progressing as expected, with the exception of one problem. The patient hated the brace he had to wear. The brace was supposed to help with swelling and pain, but actually made it worse, much worse. The patient complained to Dr. Cox how much he hated this brace, how much it hurt and said, “There has to be a better way!”

Dr. Cox smiled and agreed, knowing that he had ideas on how to make the existing and uncomfortable braces better! He had heard these complaints from patients before. In fact, he already had some drawings of designs, on napkins and scratch paper, that he had sketched out. He knew these products could be better, feel better and alleviate pain!

As fate would allow, Dr. Cox’s patient had over 20 years’ experience in product development. Both realized why their paths had crossed and they began putting a plan together. They envisioned an array of products that would alleviate pain and feel better while wearing.

This was the beginning of something great! A brand of products that is the answer for frustrated people in pain, Flexxline!

Flexxline’s products are:

  • Incredibly Effective
  • Amazingly Comfortable
  • Perfectly Designed
  • Made using Great Quality Materials

These four qualities are the foundation of our brand; they are what separate us from the rest. The market is full of products that are ineffective and uncomfortable. The Flexxline Brand focuses on products that can be worn on or off the court – since they are made using athletic wear materials, you’ll not want to take them off.

Flexxline products work great for anyone who is active or has pain from movement.

Flexxline makes it possible for everyone to FOLLOW THROUGH…with life!

We are excited to share the Flexxline brand of products with you!

Thank you,

The Flexxline Team

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