Tennis Elbow Causes and Treatment

There are a lot of common terms used to describe different medical conditions, but few are as widely known as “tennis elbow”. But what is it really?  Often, this term is used loosely to describe any pain that occurs on the outside of the elbow. 

The greatest misconception about tennis elbow is that you have to play tennis to develop the injury, when in reality only a small percentage of those suffering from these ailments actually get it from playing tennis.


What Does Tennis Elbow Look Like?

The surprising fact about tennis elbow is that when the area of pain is looked at microscopically there really isn’t a significant amount inflammation present, and even in some cases where the pain is severe; there isn’t any inflammation at all.



What is seen under the microscope looks more like microscopic sized tears or little tiny holes rather than inflamed tissue.  The irregular tissue is usually seen within the tendon which attaches the muscle to the bone.  In most cases of tennis elbow, it is one specific tendon that is usually the culprit, the extensor carpi radialis brevis.


What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Any activity that involves repetitive wrist cocking or finger straightening can lead to tennis elbow pain. It is commonly seen in tennis players, but as mentioned above, the vast majority of people suffering with tennis elbow didn’t get it playing tennis.


How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow and Is There A Cure?

Consult A Doctor

While the symptoms are usually pretty consistent, a consultation with a medical expert is the only way to confirm the correct diagnosis. True tennis elbow is not dangerous, so doing nothing is always an option. For many people, the pain can be very severe and doing nothing doesn’t seem reasonable for them.


The greatest treatment of all is usually time. Given enough time, these conditions usually resolve. In fact, most treatments are really just an effort to decrease pain and provide symptomatic relief while time passes.


The wide range of treatments for tennis elbow include: stretches, activity modifications, medications, supports/braces, physical therapy, injections, and for a very small percentage of people, some sort of surgery is needed to find complete resolution.

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